September 20, 2018

Academic Researches

Investigating the Effect of Light Reaction Exercises on Agility-Quickness and Reaction Time of the U-20

Eootball Players.
Mehmet Onur VURMAZ1

1Master Stud.,Kocaeli University, Faculty of Sport Science
2Assoc.Prof.Dr.,Kocaeli University, Faculty of Sport Science


The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of light reaction exercises on agility-quickness and reaction time
of the U-20 Eootball Players. 20 male football players from the YeniMalatyaspor participated in this study
voluntarily. T-test for agility-quickness, foot reaction test with Light-Trainer device for foot reaction speed were
done before and after trainings. While the control group continued with the standard training, the exercise group
performed the standard training exercises with Light-Trainer device for eight weeks. According to the results,

the exercise group improved statistically (p<0.05). İt was observed that the exercises performed with Light-
Trainer device had positive effects on agility-quickness and reaction speed over U-20 football players and

improved their features. İt was thought that such education would be very useful in the cognitive training of
young athletes.
Key words: Light-Trainer, agility-quickness, reaction.